Thank you Meghan Rossi!!!

When I was 7 months pregnant with my son, we had to evacuate our apartment in Rockaway Beach for a month, due to the devistation Sandy had caused. We stayed with gracious family that took us and our 50 lb Boxer in (not an easy commitment lol) and we were truly thankful. But there's no place like home, we all know that :) So when we got the call our electricity was back on, my husband ran home, scoured the house from top to bottom and we went home ♡♡♡ Feeling blessed to be back home was an understatement. We were one of the lucky ones that were able to go Back home, safe and unharmed (others weren't so lucky).

So with little to do at 7 1/2 months pregnant, while my husband was working and helping the block clean up the mess of the hurricaine, he insisted I try this show he's been raving about that had him hooked. Sons of Anarchy. A show about a biker gang? What do I know about any of that, I'm a beach girl lol. He insisted I try it. Okayyyyy one episode, just for you, I'll give it a shot. First episode, hmmm this is actually not bad...1 full season...let's watch Season season 3 (all recorded on our dvr by my husband) I was BEGGING for Season 4. I was so hooked I literally would rush the summer to pass so October would come fast! I couldn't wait for the Season Premier!!! We'd have our beer and shot of whiskey all set up for the opening scene :) (our son sleeping soundly, of course ♡) I'd rush the week for the next episode. My cousin started a SOA Facebook group and we'd post all through the episode we were hooked. I didn't have a "favorite" character , how could you choose? They were all amazing!! I always said to my husband, I think I'd have a heart attack if I ever met any of the actors....

.....well this past Saturday, I was a vendor at a Food Truck festival in the parking lot of the SI mall. It was raining and we were making the best of the nasty weather. When the rain let up, we had a good crowd, and I saw a beautiful little family walking. I was looking at the gorgeous baby in the stroller, than glanced up. The dad looked so familiar?? Wait, that looks like "Juice" ! Noooo, can't be...wait it is, noooo, can't be lol. It ttly is!! Omg it's Juice! How cool ....I won't go over and grab him since that has to be the most annoying thing in the world for an actor who is just trying to enjoy a fun day with their family. I'll wait and if he comes over I HAVE to ask for a photo ;) how can I not?? So I look up and him and his wife were walking over to my table! Yayeeee... needless to say,  Theo and Meghan (his wife) could not have been any sweeter!! He happily took a photo with me (even insisted we get a better shot bcuz the lighting was off lol). I then learned that they were very into natural products, and chatted with Meghan about Pure Body and she happily took some products home with her to try, for her and her precious son, Kane, a living little angel♡

We chatted about Sons of Anarchy and my fave scenes, etc. How cool!! They were so down to earth and super supportive of small local businesses. True Staten Islanders!! True NY'ers!

Then I was browsing around Instagram and saw that Meghan had taken the time to post about Pure Body products and  how she was so happy to find them over the weekend! How sweet is she? I honestly can't thank her and Theo enough for their support. I also found out they own Ounce Water, which promotes clean and healthy hydration from the inside.... They promote healthy living starting from the inside, which is the foundation for healthy skin!! Amazing!

To sum it all up...I am so thankful to have met the Rossi ' s and thank you Meghan for supporting my business!

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