Salt Vs. Sugar for Eczema

So I decided to go a little crazy tonight and play with a bag of Pure Dead Sea Salt I had sitting on my supply shelf that I ordered for a product I attempted that was an epic fail (hey, practice makes perfect, and if it's not perfect I don't jar it ♡♡)  So I said, against my whole "oh I only use Sugar in my scrubs" redundant mantra, let me try a foot scrub with Dead Sea Salt. It's really abrasive, which is good for feet, right? It has amazing benefits for your skin and hair and I use it to cook all the time, so why am I shying away from this amazing mineral from the Dead Sea?? Ok I mixed it up, looks great! Smells amazing!! I'm so happy I did this, wow my first Salt Scrub :) yayeeee!! Ok now let's try it....I scrubbed my hands and and the pain shot through my body instantly..omg BURNINGGGG pain ! :'( what the hell???

And then it hit me...I have Eczema on my hand..that's right! And I remember immediately why I don't use salt and opted for sugar in my scrubs- because the origin of Pure Body was to help people like myself with extremely sensitive skin and conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis. Mixed with natural carrier oils, Sugar is gentle and highly effective for aiding in soothing and calming conditions like these and will not irritate or inflame sensitive skin. DUH !! What was I thinking?

But hey, there's a reason for everything right? This experience took me back to the foundation and roots of Pure Body and that is to keep my products as simple and organic as possible to help clients like myself, who turn to all natural alternatives to help them keep their extremely sensitive skin healthy, nourished, and feeling amazing ♡

So in a nut shell...if you suffer from conditions such as Eczema, psoriasis or have extremely sensitive skin, skip the salt and opt for sugar :)

Xoxo -J