Take Time for Yourself

As a Stay at Home Mom and Business Owner, the days are hectic. Between cooking, household chores, raising a very energetic 3 year old,  running my business and hand crafting and squeezing in time for family and friends, there are barely enough minutes in the day, never mind hours. I'm sure this sounds all too familiar with most Mom's and hard working women, and men, out there. We tend to rush through the day to race to the finish line, completely exhausted, which includes a fast shower or splash of water on the face, brushing your teeth and jumping into bed to mayyyybe get enough sleep to get through the next day with energy and stamina. 

You may be  thinking "time for myself? I can barely squeeze in 20 minutes to read a book!" Going to a spa for some much needed relaxation and "me" time may seem like a fairy tale. " A spa day? I clip coupons, shop for sales and have 3 children to provide for, a spa is totally out of my budget"

No matter what your situation may be, taking a small amount of time out for yourself during the day  is important to help you clear and reboot your mind, relax your body and organize your thoughts and priorities for the days and weeks to come. If you are a Wife and Mother, like myself, your family depends on you to be as healthy, happy and productive as possible. 

With little ones, I know it is hard to just "lock yourself away" for 10 minutes because they can wreck more havoc than Godzilla  in a matter of 3 nano seconds.( yes, I have a 3 year old- enough said lol). But there are small, yet effective, ways to make yourself feel refreshed, renewed, and rebooted that will take only 10 minutes of your time and are worth every second! 

"Tag" your Husband and create an "At Home Spa" 

My hubby leaves the house at 5:45 and doesn't get home until 6:45. By the time we eat dinner, have baths and showers and take our son for nightly walks, it's time for bed already. So to ask him for any additional favors may seem like a burden to him because he worked hard all day for you and your family. But most husbands actually WANT to help relieve the burden on you and see you take some time for yourself. Take advantage of him being home and create an "at home spa" that you can do in 20 minutes or less. Let him spend some quality time with the kids while you sneak away and indulge in yourself. 

- take a nice hot shower and exfoliate your skin with a Sugar Scrub. Towel off and go into your bedroom and shut and lock the door. Put on some music and apply Body Butter or Body Oil to your body, making sure you thoroughly massage it into your skin. Massaging your skin will help increase blood circulation, completely relax your body and mind (if even for a few minutes) and help eliminate toxins and cellulite. Plus your skin will be super soft, smooth and glowing giving you confidence and self assurance. 

- lay in your bed, alone, for 5-10 minutes. Whether you scroll through your Facebook feed, check emails or just lay and think, the point is to enjoy the silence and create a bubble for your mind to tune everything out to reboot. This works wonders for me and I do it every night to help me "wash away" the stresses of the day and reboot for the next day to come :) 

Feng Shui Your Home

When was the last time you bought new towels, throw pillows, sheets or dishes?  Do you still have the same silver wear that you have from your Bridal Shower 10 years ago? "Well whats the point of buying new things if the kids are going to ruin it?" So maybe the kids WILL destroy a new coffee table or sofa in a week with crayons and fingerpaint, but something as simple as buying new bath towels and a bath mat can make you more happy than you think. 

Take a look around your home and envision what it would look AND FEEL like with new curtains, dishes, a couch throw or a new soft sheet set. If you feel calm and fresh thinking about replacing one or two items that are throwing your Feng Shui off, do it. Treat yourself. A small spending spree to freshen up the place you spend the most part of your day is well worth it. Would adding a nice orchid or fresh flowers to your desk at work improve your mood upon arriving at the office everyday? Do it! It'll also make a nice impression on your bosses and coworkers that you care about the appearance of your work space. 

Get a Good Night's Sleep, Eat Healthy, Drink Plenty of Water & Exercise

The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is take care of your body on the inside. Glowing skin starts from what you put into your body, how much sleep you get at night and drinking an average of 80 Ounces of water a day (visit Ouncewater.com to learn more about proper hydration and how it is vital for the body to function properly). Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night helps your mind and body to function to it's full capacity the next day and helps fight depression and anxiety. Make sure you eat a healthy diet everyday and don't overindulge on sweets, fried processed foods, pastas and breads and too much alcohol (drinking a glass or 2 of wine per day is recommended but too much alcohol can make you tired, bloated and may even cause anxiety the next day). And of course, get as much exercise as you can, even if your schedule is slammed try to squeeze in a 15-20 minute walk, when possible. 

Taking time for yourself is important and will only create a better, stress free more fabulous you, and those results will benefit all of those around you tremendously! And let's face it, you deserve it <3