Aromatherapy Oils
Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy Oils

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Pure Body All Natural Aroma Roll On Oil blends are made up of 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils based in an organic Jojoba carrier oil for easy roll on application.
These roll on oils can be used as a perfume, for Aromatherapy or to entice your senses. 

Roll oil on pulse points (dab on side of neck and wrists, or behind ears) to experience the wonderful natural effects these oils have on your mood and well being.

Choose From the following 6 Scents: 

Comfort - Vanilla

Head Relief- Eucalyptus & Peppermint

Relax- Lavender

Sensual- Patchouli

Uplift- Bergamot

All above oils are made with Pure Essential oil and Organic Jojoba Oil

1 oil- $15
Set of 4 (Gift Wrapped, as shown) - $50

If you choose the option to purchase a set of 4, please indicate in the notes area upon checkout which oils you would like.

*Please note that these products are not intended for use for any serious medical or mental conditions, and are for use as an all natural alternative to help aide in well being.
**if you suffer from any serious medical conditions or allergies ALWAYS consult with your physician before use.
***Keep out of reach of children