About us


Growing up with extremely dry, sensitive skin, I always was on the search for skin care products that didn't irritate my skin and also left it soft, smooth and smelling beautiful. After years and years of trial and error, I found the only products, unfortunately, I could use on my skin were "fragrance free", "Oatmeal" or medicated creams the doctors would prescribe me. Nothing sexier than going to a party after an oatmeal bath and a layer of cortizone cream right? Not only were these products just a quick, temporary relief for my Eczema and sensitive skin,  but the labels of these products were long and hard to even pronounce. What was I even putting on my body? 

On my birthday, about 3 years ago, I was waitressing nights at a dead end job. I was exhausted, run down and had so much guilt over leaving my Son most nights and my husband to come home from a long day's work to have to tend to a Toddler and take over the house chores. There has to be a way to stay home with my baby while still bringing in some sort of income....

... On my birthday that year, my  Brother's Fiance' handed me a gift basket with 4 delicious smelling little jars. Were these edible I thought? (#1 question I get lol). Nope, she explained, they're luxurious! Use them as an exfoliator in the shower after you wash, "scrub" your skin then rinse off and your skin will be so soft! Hmmm, just like the million other products I tried it's worth a shot right? I showered, washed, "scrubbed" rinsed, toweled off and left my shower feeling like a complete Goddess! Not only was my skin soft and GLOWING, it wasn't irritated and I actually felt relief! I came to realize that I needed to start making these for myself because the oils in these products was exactly what I needed for my skin. 

I got working, weeks and weeks and weeks of mixing up white sugar, brown sugar, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil. I came up with the perfect proportions of Sugar and Oil that was scrubby enough but not too abrasive. But how can I scent these products naturally? Weeks and weeks of Googling this topic, I found nature's gift- Essential Oils. Not only did they allow me to scent my Scrubs without using harsh fragrances, but they also provided a beautiful aromatherapy effect to the products while using them, as well. 

Three years later, lots of tutorials, classes and trial and error and well, I kinda got addicted to creating natural beauty products :) Over the months I handed out samples, received amazing feedback and started my own business that allowed me to share these wonderful products with Clients throughout N.Y.and  the U.S. and stay home with my Son while bringing in an income. 

With a full (and growing) line of completely natural, paraben, preservative, chemical and dye free skincare and home products, Pure Body was founded in my kitchen just trying to find a safe solution for my sensitive skin. My Clients are amazed at how the products have improved even the most difficult skin problems they face, and how their skin is more nourished, radiant and clear. 

 “Work isn’t work when you love what you do”- well that’s half true lol. I work very hard doing what I love, and only plan on going further from here. The feedback I get from my clients is amazing, and that is what keeps me motivated, pushes me further and gives me the confidence I need to know that every product I create for them will be even more amazing than the last. 

Being a working Mom from home isn’t easy, but Pure Body is well worth all of the hard work. My family is my world and I’m a Mom on a Mission to keep them healthy from the inside out. 

– Every Body deserves to be Pure

Jamie Grotto-Casalino

Owner and Crafter of Pure Body Products