Purify Room & Linen Spray

Purify Room & Linen Spray

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Containing Tea Tree, Lemon and Orange Essential oils, Purify Room & Linen Spray is an all natural cleansing and air freshening spray for your home. Use this spray to neutralize pet odors, spray on linens, in the air, on furniture, carpets, in garbage pail, or even spray on counter tops to disinfect naturally.

Pure Body Room & Linen Sprays are all natural, fragrance and chemical free, essential oil based aromatherapy fresheners for your home, furniture, carpets & linens.
These sprays are made of only distilled water, vodka, and a blend of essential oils to help keep you and your home free of parabens, harmful chemicals and harsh fragrances. 

Directions: Spray directly on Linens, throughout home, or use sparingly on body and/or clothing to aide in promoting relaxation. DO NOT SPRAY NEAR EYES OR MOUTH. DO NOT INGEST. This product is safe to use pets, unless they suffer from an allergy or serious illness, consult with your veterinarian before use. 

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vodka, Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Lemon & Orange. 

*please note Pure Body makes NO CLAIMS to treat, prevent or cure any condition. If you suffer from allergies or any serious medical conditions, please check with your physician before using any Pure Body Room and Linen Sprays. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.